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Close but Not Close Enough

Well it is Spring Break now… FINALLY!  But to start off this Spring Break the Belmont Cheerleading Squad got to travel with the Basketball team to Washington D.C. to face DUKE in the first round of the NCAA. the week before I kept hearing from people that I work with, others at intern, and even some friends that we were going to get killed like the past two years we have been in the tournament. But in my head I really thought we stood a good chance of winning and I decided to stand up for BELMONT. Well we get to D.C. and we had such a good time leading up to the game. Of course it was wet and rainy and wind a lot of the time but that did not stop us from having fun. Kendall White and I even got sprayed with Pepper spray which did not feel that good needless to say. But when game time rolled around I can tell you this, BELMONT did an amazing job. We totally outplayed Duke and it came down to the last few seconds of the game and we couldn’t pull it out and lost by 1 point. Yeah it was a heart breaker but to be able to say that our team played that well against Duke is saying a lot. I was extremely proud of them. Now I am sitting here in Alabama at y parents house chilling out, just ran 3 1/2 miles and about to go to a baseball game, trying to enjoy the out doors. Of course it is nice to be back in Bama considering I am not sure when I will get to spend time here again till later summer but I do miss being back in Nashville with all my buddies. But you know what soon we will all be re-united and get to spend one more month all together before we all leave for summer. But yeah, this is supposed to be a relaxing week and I am going to try to make it that. Yall Be Blessed and have a great Break….


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Live Another Day

What path to take, Which way to go, Were will I end up? These are all questions we might ask ourselves everyday, but what we subconsciously know is that, everything is going to work out and we shouldn’t have stressed over anything. Spring Break is coming up and there are test and projects due before we get to have our fun, and you know what, even though these things should be on my priority list they are not. I am ready for a break! It will be nice to relax, clear my mind and draw closer to Christ, whom I have felt somewhat distant from cause of the busyness of life. I am sure a lot of others are feeling the same way… WE JUST NEED A BREAK… But all in all through these crazy schedules we all have we will get up out of bed, put our pants on, brush our teeth (i hope), and walk out our doors to live another day just like we always have, but maybe what we should do is live each day like it is our first or last…

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Fly Fly Away

Have you ever felt like you were flying through the air? Like you were light as a feather? But then gravity kicks in and it feels too heavy to even bear, then before you know it BAM!!! you hit bottom. Well that is kind of what it was like for me through last fall and into the beginning of this new year. To many ups and downs you know. But, for me, knowing that I have a friend closer than a brother always makes me feel better. I know that I need no one other than him. He is my everlasting God, my Prince of Peace, and my brother whom will never leave.   My Name is Nathanael Mahy, and there is nothing more important to me than my personal walk with my Savior, CHRIST.  If you wanna know about your best friend about your true Father just ask. Be Blessed

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