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You know the times when you want to say something so bad but then you don’t and you let it fester inside of you and it starts to hurt. Yeah well I feel like that a lot. Whether it involves girls, friendships or most of the time just having a bad day. I have seen in the past though in my own life that every time I decide to say something to someone I start to feel better. You see though, I have a little problem not opening up to people in a deep way, at first. I mean there are those select few that I have expressed some stuff too but you have to earn it from me. I usually am the one to listen, you know. Yeah I love to listen and help others with their problems. Not like I am a great advice giver or anything though. But back too that stuff you keep inside, yeah we all do it I know I am not the only one. I am sure you are going through something right now you wish you could tell someone or express. I know of a friend that was going through a hard time with a significant other and I felt their pain and a way I thought would be a good way to express it was through just writing, so some of the words of their delima went like this:

“I’ll follow you, where did you go, you stole my heart, I feel an empty part inside, I’ll hold onto, those words I knew, you used to say,  but will never be the same”

As I am sure you have seen too there are many ways to express things inside without shouting it out at someone. But for me the best result is to let it out in some way, even if you get some negative feedback, just let out and then let go…



April 10, 2008 - Posted by | Delimas, Other

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