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Finals are Almost Done

So I had 3 Finals today. After telling most people that they were like, dude really that sucks, but to be really honest it wasn’t that bad. I have had worse I think at least. Now I am sitting here on my couch trying to finish like 3 songs that I have yet to finish in forever, and wondering about certain stupid things that I know will be long forgotten probably in the near future. I mean isn’t that how it normally goes. You start to worry about something but then you come to realize there was no since in worrying about it in the first place cause it all works out in the end.

I am supposed to get my freakin shoulder X-rayed tonight cause it is still separated, at least it feels like it. I am just ready for this thing to get better so I can go on with my normal life and work out, play ball and stuff like that you know. So hopefully i will find out what I can do to make it feel better.  

I have one more final tomorrow, Business Ethics. Not looking forward to that final but I do really like the teacher Dr. Hollis. He is a nice man and a great Ethics teacher. I would tell anyone to take him as there professor. Other than that it is a delima of going home for a day to see my fam or staying here and go hang with friends before they all leave for home. Decisions Decisions hmmmm not sure what I will do yet but I do know that I need to stop focusing on a certain thing and let it go so that is what I am going to do.


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