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Another Day of Work…

So this week has been a full week of work. Basically since Monday morning till now I have worked everyday. But I have gotten to do a few fun things this week. Like on Tues night I got a chance to go to Belmont’s last Baseball home game, I did have to leave (sorry Brian) early but I did get to go to the Hannah Montana Movie set and watch a few scenes being filmed. It was a lot of fun. Wed I heard my incredible friend Parker sing at the Indigo Hotel. She did so great and she sang one of my favorite songs she wrote which was written about a Bathtub! Incredible if you have a chance to go see her do it!


Lets see last night I didn’t do much I just went home a cleaned, I know something everyone wants to do, but I did rent the Alvin and the Chipmunks , and Bourne Ultimatium. YEAH TWO GREAT MOVIES!!!!! I watched both of them last night. So now I am still at work on a break waiting to take a DVD to set then maybe I can get home to see Cronicles of Narnia with my Dad and Bro tonight before my brother Jordan leaves for the summer. He is going to CA to lead worship and be the media arts supervisor for JH Ranch all summer. I am kind of jealous but really excited for him.


But that is really it for the week. Nothing really exciting but this weekend will be nice and relaxing I hope. We will see…


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