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Indiana JonesOk so today is the day of the new Opening movie “Indiana Jones and The Kingdom of the Crystal Skull” and I am excited. The past few days I have been watching all of the old Indiana Jones movies and I actually forgot how much I really enjoyed them. I think my favorites would have to be “Raiders of the Lost Ark’ and “The Last Crusade” I am not that big of a fan of the “Temple of Doom” but it is still a Indiana Jones Movie which puts it up on the top of my list. I got a few friends going with me tonight, it is going to be a lot of fun just hanging out and going to the movies, bt the worst part is the anticipation. I am sitting at work right now, on a break of course, just ready for the evening to come to watch the movie, but I know it will come soon enough.


Have you ever wanted to be a Super Hero or just someone in a movie. Of course most of us have. i mean my most recent is wanting the suite off of Iron Man so I can get the girl and save lives and be extra awesome like that. But with my luck no one quite carried them yet to have. I am sure after seeing Indiana Jones tonight I will want to have a whip, fight off bad guys, hate snakes, get the girl, and find a unique treasure all within 2 hours. Yeah I think it could happen, well if not there is always Halloween where I can dress like him. 


All in all I am just excited about this movie cause I remember watching these movies with my family especially brother and dad growing up. It will bring back a lot of great memories with them. Everyone is welcome to come out tonight if you want at 7:15 at the 100 Oaks Theatre (Regal 27) to see it with us if you would like. If not until next…


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