Thoughts and Happenings…

Almost Done…

I just now got done with packing all the equipment and files and stuff for the office to move out to Cali. Now all I have to do is get all my personal stuff ready and to be honest I haven’t started at all. Its ok though I mean if I have a clean pair of underwear and my toothbrush, cell phone (and charger), computer, guitar I am alright I think. I don’t need much more than that. I am still looking for a place to stay. I have emailed a few people and hopefully they will turn out to be good places to where I can stay.

My family is coming to town tonight, cause it is my mom and Dad’s anniversary, so i get to take my little sis out which will be a lot of fun. I am excited! I do wish my brother was here. I miss him a lot but he is being a ambassador for Christ up in N. Cali.

I need to put some pictures up on here I guess I will try to do that next time I get on until then, Be Blessed…


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Got the OK…

Well this coming week is going to be a very busy one for me. You see I just got the ok to move all my stuff from my old Apt into my new house that I am renting with two other AWESOME people so I don’t have to do it when I get back from CA, which is actually a huge blessing considering I will be extremely tiered. Also this week I am having to prepare all of our Editing equipment and supplies to be shipped to CA at the end of the week, so I have to work late on that at the office. So I have both of those things then I really would like to see my friends before I leave as well. So needless to say I am trying to figure out my sched for the next few days. 

But it is going to be amazing living in CA for 7 weeks, even though I am not entirely sure where I am going to live yet. I know God will provide.

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Father’s Day…

This past weekend was actually a really great weekend. I got to go home and spend the weekend with my Dad for Father’s Day and it was awesome. I mean we really didn’t do anything spectacular it was just good to see him and spend a little more time with him since i don’t get to much anymore.

My Dad is incredible though. He is my Hero! Not necessarily you know like Superman, by flying or running through walls or anything like that but just by being himself and by being such a example. You see, when I was younger he would always play with my brother and I football games outside in our yard, always coach our soccer team and would be involved in any other sport we would play. He of course would get onto us and spank us just to make us understand things we thought were right but weren’t at the time. He would most importantly each us the Word of God, not only like by words but by his actions. what a great example for my brother and I to follow. I hope to be a father like he is someday. If I could be like him I would be satisfied.

So I got to spend time with him and the rest  of the family back in AL. I go tot go to my church WORD ALIVE international outreach. It was exactly what I needed to hear. It was about How God can bless us even when we don’t deserve it cause He is God and He can do what he wants, and how He can turn nothing into something in our lives. AWESOME SERVICE!

My family came back with me to Nashville on Sunday so that I could take them and show them around my office I work at. They loved it! My Dad turned back into a little kid it seemed like asking people all kinds of questions and such. My boss was so nice to answer them. I go to take them to the movie set as well which they loved. So now they can say they have been to a movie set. After, we met my new Roomies at the new house for my parents to see. It is an amazing house! I am so excited to move in and it is like not even a mile away from school, so needless to say Nathan will be sleeping in probably a lot. I hope many of you can come visit, you will love it! 

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Going to Cali…

So yesterday I got word from my boss saying that I can go out to California with them and finish up the summer working at the Disney Studio. So I am pretty excited! There are just a lot of things i have to work out before I leave in 2 weeks. I have to find a place to stay in Burbank or close to it. I want to be able to find a gym I can work out in. I need to find a stunt partner in Cali that i can work with to get better and learn new stunts. I have to plan my route to get to Cali. And finish up stuff here in Nashville before I go. Tons of stuff but it is def going to be an adventure. If any of you know someone who lives near Burbank CA, or of female that knows how to coed stunt please let me know. i will be in California for 6 weeks. I come back home to TN on the 20th of August. 

I know this is going to be a blessed trip and awesome experience just continue to pray that God will guide my path and I will have a continuing Faith for Him.

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Sunburn, Relax, CMA, Weekend…

Well this past weekend started out pretty good. I mean I had to work pretty late on Friday night doing some blooper reel stuff but other than that Friday night was relaxing and chill. All I did was  run about 3 miles then went home and had myself a bowl of cereal and watched a little tv, played a little guitar and then went to bed. It was actually really nice. Saturday I got up around 930 and went out to the pool to lay out since I am so white. It got really boring for me though so I was really grateful when my good friend Michel called me to see if I wanted to lay out with her at her pool. We got to relax and make fun of kids as they ran around the pool and cried because they didn’t get what they wanted. But then they day got even better when our other best friend Parker showed up to relax and have fun with us. 

I started to feel like I was getting burnt so I decided to leave and Michel invited me to go to the CMA Fest with her and Brian that night. I wasn’t sure about it cause I was about to work out but I told her I would think about it. I met up with them before the CMA fest and we went to SATCO (great place on 21st street) to eat and I had them drive me by Smothie King as well. Big mistake for me. I was so full. It took like 3 hours for me to want anything else to drink or eat. The CMA Fest was a lot of fun. We got to hear Little Big Town, Rodney Atkins, Trace Adkins, Alan Jackson, and a few others.

After a late night at the CMA Fest I wasn’t sure where I would go to church the next morning but I did have a friend come in from LA for Belmont’s Orientation and they wanted to go with me. So we went to Fellowship Bible in Brentwood then ate. My plan was after dropping them off back at school was to go lay out or be outside the rest of the day to get a tan, well that changed b/c I was kind of burnt from the day before and I am still a  little burnt today. So all I did was go home and chill. I tried to write a little bit but for some reason I am having a little bit of a writers block. i pray that will end soon. Me and my roommate Jared, started to watch the Laker/Celtics game which the Lakers lost dang it. Now I am here at work again taking a little break about to start working again…

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Never Know Who You’re Talking Too…


I am trying to think of something to tell you, but you know what nothing is really coming to mind. Well actually I did have a crazy encounter last night. You see my friend and I, Erin, were going by McDonalds to rent a Red Box DVD well when we got there, there was what I thought was a homeless man there just standing waiting for someone to give him money. Well we started to look at the movies and he was talking to us but I really wasn’t paying that much attention. Well we picked our DVD and then this guy and I started to have this conversation about his life.

Have you ever talked to someone and at the same time you start talking to them you start to feel that you are not worthy to talk to them. I don’t know it is a weird feeling, it is like there is something about them that is different and makes you feel like you need to confess stuff in your life but then again the feeling talking to them is so joyful and incredible its like you just want to keep talking to them. I don’t know who this guy was but there was something special about him.

His name was Will but he told me that his friends call him “Doc”. He didn’t look like anything special, you know dirty older man who has lived his life all over the country so he said, looked kind of just worn down by life. He did say he was going through some rough times but has a job. So you know I gave a couple dollars so he could get some food. Well after that something interesting happened. I was climbing into my car and I just told him to have a blessed night. Right before I rolled up my window he said “you don’t happen to be a believer do you?” I said yes I am a follower and believer of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Well right after that he just said “hey man do you think you could pray for me cause I am going through a really tough time right now and I know I just need to get right with God” so of course I was like YEAH. But the cool thing was right before I started to pray he just kneeled down before me and started praying out loud. So I placed my hand on him and at that moment something came over me and it was such a funny feeling I can’t describe. I don’t know just so many things started to pop up in my mind about my life, it was weird and when he was done praing I started to pray for him and it was hard. usually God just gives me words to speak and to pray over someone this time it was different. But I finally finished and he thanked me and ws very grateful for the couple dollars and was about to walk into McDonalds to get food when he stopped me again when I was rolling up my window. He yelled out to me and said “Hey maybe I will see you again, you never know who your talkin too!” 

I know I am rambling on but to be honest, before he said that to me, even earlier in our conversation I was thinking to myself who is this man. He was different, but kind of brushed it off. But after he said that it made me think and I wanted to jump out of the car and ask him a question. I bet some of you already know the question I would ask too, and if you don’t comment me and I will tell you, but i decided not too b/c he had already gone.

I am sure maybe you have had some encounters like this one, where the question in your head is the same one in mine now, the answer is we may never know but the cool thing is, God sets up divine appointments for all of us, to encourage and bless us in so many different ways….

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Couch Potato Weekend…


Well I believe the last time i wrote was when my car broke down, oh what a day, but since then it actually has been pretty good. This past weekend i was able to rest a little bit and just relax outside next to the pool. Needless to say I need to be outside cause i am so white right now. My friend and I were talking this weekend about how summer and the heat didn’t come till really late this year. Last year at this time I was already pretty tan and this year I am not we will just leave it at that.


Saturday my friend, Kerry Beth, and I had fun all day at the pool just chilaxing and meeting some of my neighbors. They are all really cool. That evening my roommate and I had guys night in, and we watched “Rambo”, which is an awesome movie by the way, and “Into the Wild”, which was alright. Not my kind of movie but hey.


Sunday I was able to go to church with a great friend of mine, Paris. We hadn’t seen each other for a long time cause our schedules are so different. But it was great we got to eat afterwards then go to her pool and hang out and be lazy. That evening I just went home and did nothing except watch “Transformers” and “The Matrix”, TWO GREAT MOVIES. Yeah so you can say this weekend was a pretty relaxing weekend for me. I hope I have a few more of those come up in the near future.

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