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Well this past weekend started out pretty good. I mean I had to work pretty late on Friday night doing some blooper reel stuff but other than that Friday night was relaxing and chill. All I did was  run about 3 miles then went home and had myself a bowl of cereal and watched a little tv, played a little guitar and then went to bed. It was actually really nice. Saturday I got up around 930 and went out to the pool to lay out since I am so white. It got really boring for me though so I was really grateful when my good friend Michel called me to see if I wanted to lay out with her at her pool. We got to relax and make fun of kids as they ran around the pool and cried because they didn’t get what they wanted. But then they day got even better when our other best friend Parker showed up to relax and have fun with us. 

I started to feel like I was getting burnt so I decided to leave and Michel invited me to go to the CMA Fest with her and Brian that night. I wasn’t sure about it cause I was about to work out but I told her I would think about it. I met up with them before the CMA fest and we went to SATCO (great place on 21st street) to eat and I had them drive me by Smothie King as well. Big mistake for me. I was so full. It took like 3 hours for me to want anything else to drink or eat. The CMA Fest was a lot of fun. We got to hear Little Big Town, Rodney Atkins, Trace Adkins, Alan Jackson, and a few others.

After a late night at the CMA Fest I wasn’t sure where I would go to church the next morning but I did have a friend come in from LA for Belmont’s Orientation and they wanted to go with me. So we went to Fellowship Bible in Brentwood then ate. My plan was after dropping them off back at school was to go lay out or be outside the rest of the day to get a tan, well that changed b/c I was kind of burnt from the day before and I am still a  little burnt today. So all I did was go home and chill. I tried to write a little bit but for some reason I am having a little bit of a writers block. i pray that will end soon. Me and my roommate Jared, started to watch the Laker/Celtics game which the Lakers lost dang it. Now I am here at work again taking a little break about to start working again…


June 9, 2008 - Posted by | Friends, Fun, Other, Reflection

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