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May Finally Roles Around

OK OK OK OK I have said this many times but I believe this is the longest I have gone without posting anything. It has been months I believe. Yikes I have gotten bad at this.  Oh well I am now ready to start back. A lot has gone on in my life lately. I have been working at a gymnastics gym called Let It Shine gymnastics. I also have been working for CMT on a few different productions. 

One thing I have been thinking of doing is going to Grad school at either Alabama or University of Oregon. I loved both schools. I really wish I could go to Oregon though but then again I would really like to go to U of A as well cause my brother is there. But now God has different plans for me. He has told me to be ready for His plans and not be tied down to anything for a long period of time. So I have decided to wait for His timing.

I also during this small little break got to date an amazing girl her name was Sarah Lenore. She is a artist here in Nashville and is going to be doing some pretty amazing things soon. We are just friends now which is probably better for us at this point in our lives. My family is still doing great. We are planning on going to Ukraine in June to do some missions in the Orphanages there. I am so excited. Well i will have to let you know some other stuff later. Thanks again for reading again. Be Blessed


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