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Almost Done…

I just now got done with packing all the equipment and files and stuff for the office to move out to Cali. Now all I have to do is get all my personal stuff ready and to be honest I haven’t started at all. Its ok though I mean if I have a clean pair of underwear and my toothbrush, cell phone (and charger), computer, guitar I am alright I think. I don’t need much more than that. I am still looking for a place to stay. I have emailed a few people and hopefully they will turn out to be good places to where I can stay.

My family is coming to town tonight, cause it is my mom and Dad’s anniversary, so i get to take my little sis out which will be a lot of fun. I am excited! I do wish my brother was here. I miss him a lot but he is being a ambassador for Christ up in N. Cali.

I need to put some pictures up on here I guess I will try to do that next time I get on until then, Be Blessed…


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Father’s Day…

This past weekend was actually a really great weekend. I got to go home and spend the weekend with my Dad for Father’s Day and it was awesome. I mean we really didn’t do anything spectacular it was just good to see him and spend a little more time with him since i don’t get to much anymore.

My Dad is incredible though. He is my Hero! Not necessarily you know like Superman, by flying or running through walls or anything like that but just by being himself and by being such a example. You see, when I was younger he would always play with my brother and I football games outside in our yard, always coach our soccer team and would be involved in any other sport we would play. He of course would get onto us and spank us just to make us understand things we thought were right but weren’t at the time. He would most importantly each us the Word of God, not only like by words but by his actions. what a great example for my brother and I to follow. I hope to be a father like he is someday. If I could be like him I would be satisfied.

So I got to spend time with him and the rest  of the family back in AL. I go tot go to my church WORD ALIVE international outreach. It was exactly what I needed to hear. It was about How God can bless us even when we don’t deserve it cause He is God and He can do what he wants, and how He can turn nothing into something in our lives. AWESOME SERVICE!

My family came back with me to Nashville on Sunday so that I could take them and show them around my office I work at. They loved it! My Dad turned back into a little kid it seemed like asking people all kinds of questions and such. My boss was so nice to answer them. I go to take them to the movie set as well which they loved. So now they can say they have been to a movie set. After, we met my new Roomies at the new house for my parents to see. It is an amazing house! I am so excited to move in and it is like not even a mile away from school, so needless to say Nathan will be sleeping in probably a lot. I hope many of you can come visit, you will love it! 

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Movie Wedding…

Ok so I just got back yesterday morning from one of those incredible crazy full weekends that we all sometimes go through, yeah well that was one of those for me. You see something that a lot of people don’t know is I just recently got hired as the Assistant to the editing producers of the new Hannah Montana Movie. Yeah well it is pretty cool if I don’t say so myself. But I started last week on this movie and I found out that I was not going to be able to sing in my cousins wedding. Well something you all need to know about my cousin CINDY is, she is so awesome I love her to death and so does everyone else.  She has the sweetest heart and I promise you I will marry someone just like her one day. So needless too say I was pretty upset about not being able to go. Well Thursday before the wedding, which was going to be on Saturday, I was able to talk to my boss to see if I was going to have to work the weekend. He said no, and when I told him I was in a wedding he instead on me leaving when I needed to on Fri to get to it. My boss is AWESOME! So this is where the cool stuff starts.


So right from work I go strait to the airport to fly down to WEST PALM BEACH already just excited to go there. I arrive and even though I missed most of the reh. Dinner I still got to see where they had it and it was so awesome. Well my family and I go back to our hotel, THE BREAKERS, one of the nicest hotels in West Palm to sleep the night away before the big wedding day. Well we wake up the next morning to the sound of my little cousins banging on the door telling us we need to go to the pool and beach with them. So of course we get up, 2 hours later, to meet them down at the pool. It was so nice to be with part of the family there for the day but time rolled around and we had to start getting ready for the wedding. The funny thing was for me, was that my dad had to buy a shirt for me to wear with my suite and I just let him pick it out. So I see it and it doesn’t look too bad, but when I put it on it was a parachute and I looked like ALADIN. So of course my brother, is is the best brother in the world, started to make fun of me.


Well the wedding was a concervative wedding, and I got to sing with my brother, but the reception, well lets just say ASTRONOMICAL!!! It was like you would see it in a movie. Everything was perfect. We had a pre reception outside next to the ocean on like golf grass where everyone could socialize, then we all went into this nice big room to have a reception dinner. Well it was incredible and then there was dancing till midnight. Yes I had so much fun and I know the rest of the family did as well. So that concluded Sat night. Almost done I promise: Then we wake up early and my family get to go to Disney World!!!!! The Happiest Place on earth! So we make a full day of going to MGM and Magic Kingdom and try to go on all the rides and YES it was so much fun.


At the end of the night I looked back on the weekend and I was so glad I was able to go to FL for the weekend even though I had to wake up at 4 to get to my flight to go home, I almost missed it by the way, Orlando airport not a place for fast check ins if you ask me. My family is still there having a grand ole happy fun time without me, but at least I was able to e with them for a little while. So that concludes my weekend of craziness….

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