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Going to the Movie Set…

Ok so today is another day of work. For those of you who don’t know, I have this awesome job as the Editing assistant for the new Hannah Montana Movie. I usually get in to work about the same time everyday around 8:30 and then as the day goes a long depends on when I get to leave. But let me tell you this is an experience I will never forget. i mean not that many people get to say they have worked on a feature film before, well at least in my family that is.

Well today was a fun day cause I got to go to set again just like a few other times except this time it was really close to our office. It was actually the Cool Springs Mall in Franklin TN. The fun thing was about this set experience was that there was so many people there trying to get a glimpse of a star and trying to get in and not be hurried out of the store and for me I got to walk right in, act like I was somebody and watch them film this scene. I don’t know it was just a lot of fun for me. Now I am getting ready to go work out for the day cause I really need to gain all my muscle back and get back into shape if you know what I mean.


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Another Day of Work…

So this week has been a full week of work. Basically since Monday morning till now I have worked everyday. But I have gotten to do a few fun things this week. Like on Tues night I got a chance to go to Belmont’s last Baseball home game, I did have to leave (sorry Brian) early but I did get to go to the Hannah Montana Movie set and watch a few scenes being filmed. It was a lot of fun. Wed I heard my incredible friend Parker sing at the Indigo Hotel. She did so great and she sang one of my favorite songs she wrote which was written about a Bathtub! Incredible if you have a chance to go see her do it!


Lets see last night I didn’t do much I just went home a cleaned, I know something everyone wants to do, but I did rent the Alvin and the Chipmunks , and Bourne Ultimatium. YEAH TWO GREAT MOVIES!!!!! I watched both of them last night. So now I am still at work on a break waiting to take a DVD to set then maybe I can get home to see Cronicles of Narnia with my Dad and Bro tonight before my brother Jordan leaves for the summer. He is going to CA to lead worship and be the media arts supervisor for JH Ranch all summer. I am kind of jealous but really excited for him.


But that is really it for the week. Nothing really exciting but this weekend will be nice and relaxing I hope. We will see…

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Movie Wedding…

Ok so I just got back yesterday morning from one of those incredible crazy full weekends that we all sometimes go through, yeah well that was one of those for me. You see something that a lot of people don’t know is I just recently got hired as the Assistant to the editing producers of the new Hannah Montana Movie. Yeah well it is pretty cool if I don’t say so myself. But I started last week on this movie and I found out that I was not going to be able to sing in my cousins wedding. Well something you all need to know about my cousin CINDY is, she is so awesome I love her to death and so does everyone else.  She has the sweetest heart and I promise you I will marry someone just like her one day. So needless too say I was pretty upset about not being able to go. Well Thursday before the wedding, which was going to be on Saturday, I was able to talk to my boss to see if I was going to have to work the weekend. He said no, and when I told him I was in a wedding he instead on me leaving when I needed to on Fri to get to it. My boss is AWESOME! So this is where the cool stuff starts.


So right from work I go strait to the airport to fly down to WEST PALM BEACH already just excited to go there. I arrive and even though I missed most of the reh. Dinner I still got to see where they had it and it was so awesome. Well my family and I go back to our hotel, THE BREAKERS, one of the nicest hotels in West Palm to sleep the night away before the big wedding day. Well we wake up the next morning to the sound of my little cousins banging on the door telling us we need to go to the pool and beach with them. So of course we get up, 2 hours later, to meet them down at the pool. It was so nice to be with part of the family there for the day but time rolled around and we had to start getting ready for the wedding. The funny thing was for me, was that my dad had to buy a shirt for me to wear with my suite and I just let him pick it out. So I see it and it doesn’t look too bad, but when I put it on it was a parachute and I looked like ALADIN. So of course my brother, is is the best brother in the world, started to make fun of me.


Well the wedding was a concervative wedding, and I got to sing with my brother, but the reception, well lets just say ASTRONOMICAL!!! It was like you would see it in a movie. Everything was perfect. We had a pre reception outside next to the ocean on like golf grass where everyone could socialize, then we all went into this nice big room to have a reception dinner. Well it was incredible and then there was dancing till midnight. Yes I had so much fun and I know the rest of the family did as well. So that concluded Sat night. Almost done I promise: Then we wake up early and my family get to go to Disney World!!!!! The Happiest Place on earth! So we make a full day of going to MGM and Magic Kingdom and try to go on all the rides and YES it was so much fun.


At the end of the night I looked back on the weekend and I was so glad I was able to go to FL for the weekend even though I had to wake up at 4 to get to my flight to go home, I almost missed it by the way, Orlando airport not a place for fast check ins if you ask me. My family is still there having a grand ole happy fun time without me, but at least I was able to e with them for a little while. So that concludes my weekend of craziness….

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Future, Past, NOW…

Ok so this is the last full week of school, Praise the Lord. I am so ready to be done with this semester. I mean not so much the hanging out with friends or anything cause that is going to be really sad to let them all go, but the school part YES I am def. ready. This summer is going to be great I am staying in Nashville, going to be working an awesome job, (I would say what it was but I haven’t really gotten hired yet) and hopefully going to be able to write a lot of new songs during these summer weeks. But I know I need to buckle down and finish what needs to be finished, and not worry about what tomorrow holds b/c today is what is important. Just always remember that it is never great to dwell on the past or future cause you have an opportunity to make NOW great and if you look to far ahead or behind you will miss so much opportunity.

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